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personal business3 TOP Reasons Why Woman Join Network Marketing Companies!

Committed women have many options when they decide to build their own business from home. A serious look at the “Personal Franchise“!

Many working women have or work in teams. The idea of leaving this familiar environment and becoming self-employed can be a bit daunting.

The Personal Franchise offers a perfect plan where you have control over how you can build your business while enjoying the opportunity to work together and support others.

1. Low initial investment and monthly fixed costs

The start-up costs for most businesses can be a real barrier for women.

Let’s take a retail store as an example. To start, you need the start-up capital to rent the premises, to buy the equipment, to advertise, to store your goods……. and you risk a lot of money if it doesn’t go as you planned.

In the personal franchise the start-up costs are minimal and there are only low monthly fixed costs. The Internet has further reduced running costs. So there is no need to invest a lot of money or stuff your garage with goods. Because your customers are supplied directly by the manufacturing company, the accounting is handled between customer and company, so that you do not have to make advance payments. The company also takes over the shipment of the goods to your customers. You are the agent and receive a commission for your work. It’s a piece of cake.

2. Cool rewards and incentives

Network marketing companies strive to recognize and reward their partners. They value you and your work as partners and show this right from the start.

And who doesn’t love to be rewarded – with bonuses, invitations to special events, just because we do our work as we grow and earn a good income.

3. No career ladder stop. The invisible barrier that prevents women in particular from advancing professionally

It is sad but true – in almost all professions women still earn less than their male colleagues. Even though progress has already been made in some areas, the proverbial professional ceiling still exists in the world of work.

  • To compete with male colleagues, women often have to hide their emotions and put on a “poker face”. The result is very often that you don’t feel comfortable in this environment and reveal less of what you really can.
  • Network Marketing offers here a completely open field. It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, everyone has the same chances and possibilities. You can bring in your very special talents, strengths and abilities, because it is precisely these that make the difference.
  • More than 70% in network marketing are women. More and more make it to the top positions, earn very well and prepare a new way to prosperity for many women all over the world.

The Personal Franchise thrives on the values of support, cooperation, respect, trust, authenticity and community.

The more women striving for an residual impact, the more successful they can be.  Women around the world are looking for a way to leave their current jobs behind and move into a new, rewarding career.


There is much talk about the fact that the next economic revolution will not be triggered by China or India – but by committed women who take their future into their own hands.

The Personal Franchise offers you a great opportunity to do just that. You would like to know more about it – please contact me

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

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