Why Juice Plus+?

As a former massage therapist and nutritionist, I know from 25 years of experience that implementing new habits are not that easy to accomplish, especially when it comes to nutrition.  And there are so many different approaches to nutrition, that most of us get confused, right? But if you want to feel really well, your body needs a range of valuable nutrients.

That´s why I was searching for a simple and convenient solution that bridges the nutritional gap and found one that supports the whole body on a cellular level.

Incredible Feedback.

But before I started to recommend Juice Plus+ I had to take the first step and try it for myself and making my own experiences. Because that´s what matters: getting results!

After taking the JP+ products on a regular basis for a few weeks I recognized that I had way more energy, my mood was great, I could cope with stress more easily. And after a period of 4 months, my gastrointestinal problems were fading away and this had a positive effect on my skin. You can imagine that these results made me confident to share the product with my clients.

And the feedback from my clients was extraordinary. From better sleep, more energy, fewer headaches & migraines, skin improvement, less back pain, improved digestion, better moods, and emotional well being…..

3 reasons why I recommend Juice Plus+:


  1. People are getting results by using the products regularly.
  2. It bridges the nutritional gap and fuels our bodies with essential nutrients.
  3. It´s science-based. I know, this does not sound so cool but it gives confidence that it works in our bodies as expected.



It´s available for the whole family and kids between 4 and 21 can get the products for free.



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