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Alternative Career Choices: 9 TOP Reasons

Welcome To The Professional Opportunity For Woman!

Much is said about women’s professional opportunities and possibilities. But is it really that simple to reconcile everything?

The return to working life, the advancement climbing the career ladder and with it more income, but also more commitment, the possibility to become self-employed…!

It’s not as simple as it always seems to be. There are many challenges. That is why more and more women are opting for the PERSONAL FRANCHISE!


1. More time for family and hobbies

2. More freedom to develop your talents

3. Regulate the working hours yourself

4. To work independently and still be part of a team

5. Financial stability

6. Rewards and incentives

7. Low initial investment and low monthly fixed costs

8. A real Win – Win – Win strategy

9. Everyone has the same chances

More time for family and hobbies

More and more people have less and less time. They rush from one appointment to the next and hardly waste a thought on what is really important to them.

In time, it is like a river: The direction it flows depends solely on which side of the bridge you are standing on. On the one hand, it flows away from you irretrievably, on the other hand, it meets you all the time and just waits for you to use its water sensibly.

More freedom to develop your talents

The personal franchise not only creates well-being and health, it also makes a decisive contribution to promoting and developing the respective personal strengths, abilities and talents of us and our team partners.

Quick question: What do you enjoy?

What did you dream about or like to do as a child?

Think about what you really enjoyed. What did you want to be? Fashion designer? Anything with film? Immerse yourself in the world of television? Make music? Dog training? Did you like telling stories?

What are you still having fun with today?

Think about what work you really enjoy. Do you like being with other people? Do you cook with passion? What do you spend most of your time with?

List what you can think of:

  • When you take a look at your bank account, what happens to you mentally?
  • Are you satisfied or would you like to have a little more financial leeway? What are your wishes and dreams?

What are you really interested in?

What do you find exciting? Are you interested in nutrition or the Internet? Do you like music, sports, health, lifestyle……?

Regulate the working hours yourself

Many women, with or without children would like to have more control over their working hours.

  • Some women like to work early in the morning, others don’t really wake up until noon, and a third group likes to work in the evenings and at night.
  • As a networker you have full control over your own working hours. You can set specific goals (e.g. work 2-4 hours each Monday to Friday and take the whole weekend off) or just divide the time according to your personal possibilities.
  • The important thing is to be active and focused. At the beginning, however, it is very helpful if you concentrate on your work for at least 30 – 60 minutes every day.

Always someone to talk to

Work independently and still be part of a team

Many working women I know have or work in teams. The idea of leaving this familiar environment and becoming self-employed can be a bit daunting. But, in the wrong environment a woman does not get much support and the motivation and pleasure of her job quickly fades away.

Especially the cooperation with other colleagues as well as the mutual support and encouragement makes us women the ideal networkers. It is a part of us that we like to help others. And we understand that the well-being of our customers and partners is the basis.

If you want success, surround yourself with successful people.

Financial Stability

An insecure job, too little financial leeway and so on there are many reasons why people look anxiously into the future and are therefore looking for a way to earn extra income.

  • On the other hand, many people are afraid of setting up their own business and making the high investments involved.
  • In Network Marketing – “The Personal Franchise” offers the unique opportunity to start as a part-time from the security of the existing job into independence and to expand it step by step at one’s own discretion.
  • And never alone, but with the active help of successful people with many years of experience in this field.
  • When a woman starts in network marketing, she earns as much as her male colleague who does the same job.

Because it is still the case that in almost all professions, women still earn less than their male colleagues.

Even if progress has already been made, the proverbial professional ceiling still exists in the traditional working world.

And that is one of the reasons why women are interested and decide to become networkers.

Women want their own achievements to be rewarded accordingly. Money is not the most important thing in life, but I have found that a lot in life is related to money.

The lifestyle, the educational opportunities, how and where you live and where you live, where you travel to, what food you buy, how much time you have for yourself and your family………

It just feels good not to have to worry about money.

Rewards and Incentives

Network marketing companies strive to recognize and reward their partners. They value you and your work as partners – and show this right from the start.

And who among us women doesn’t love to be rewarded – with bonuses, invitations to special events,……. and that only because we do our work, look after our customers and grow together with our partners in the team.

Low initial investment & low fixed costs

The start-up costs for most businesses can be a real barrier for women. Let’s take a retail store as an example. To start, you need the start-up capital to rent the premises, to buy the equipment, to advertise, to store your goods……. and you risk a lot of money if it doesn’t go as you planned.

In the personal franchise the start-up costs are minimal and there are only low monthly fixed costs. The Internet has further reduced running costs. So there is no need to invest a lot of money or stuff your garage with goods. Because your customers are supplied directly by the manufacturing company, the accounting is handled between customer and company, so that you do not have to make advance payments.

The company also takes over the shipment of the goods to your customers. You are the agent and receive a commission for your work. It’s a piece of cake.

A real win-win-win strategy! Everyone benefits from this business model

  • The customers win, because through this form of distribution, the high-quality products can be made available at an affordable price. With the additional service of direct delivery free of charge!
  • The Networker – Franchisepartner profits, since it can develop its own enterprise without financial risk, since the time-consuming and cost-intensive ranges – like the production of info. material, marketing and communication, logistics, administration and administration, product permission as well as research and development – are made available by the manufacturing company. Every franchise partner can thus work profitably from the first month on. A clear win-win-win situation!
  • The manufacturing company benefits from committed partners, as they take on the important task of informing and recommending the products as well as building up a partner network. This allows the investment of normally cost-intensive advertising to pass into the remuneration of the sales partners and additionally into the quality and research of the products.

alternative career

Everyone has equal chances!

Regardless of where you come from, training or experience, every new franchise partner has the same opportunities and chances. They all work with the same products, the same marketing plan, online and offline training, the same tools and information materials,…

That raises the question:

  • Then why is the result often so different?
  • Why are some progressing faster?
  • What makes the difference?
  • The answer: YOU!

Because the difference in the results depends above all on it:

  • how you feel about the network marketing industry
  • how you feel about the products, quality and price
  • how you feel about the marketing plan / compensation plan
  • how you feel about the information materials and tools AND
  • how much confidence you have in yourself and your abilities.

Women are very open when it comes to learning new things, exchanging ideas with others and then applying them immediately. And exactly this joy, openness and consistency brings them to success!

The personal franchise as a solution for…

  • The personal franchise is a valuable professional alternative:
  • if your health is important to you;
  • if you love to use your skills and strengths;
  • if you are looking for financial security and stability;
  • if you would like to make a difference;
  • if you want to gain more control over your life, your finances and your time;
  • if you like to be part of a team and still only responsible for yourself;
  • if you enjoy working independently and on your own responsibility;
  • if you like challenges and like to learn something new;
  • if you want to grow personally with what you do;
  • if you value respectful relationships and a strong environment;
  • if you want your work to be recognized;

The Personal Franchise thrives on the values of support, cooperation, respect, trust, authenticity and community.
 The more people do this, the more successful they can be.

Women all over the world long for an opportunity to leave their current jobs behind and enter a new, rewarding professional future.

There is much talk about the fact that the next economic revolution will not be triggered by Countries like China or India – but by committed women who take their future into their own hands.

The Personal Franchise is a great way to do just that. You would like to know more about this – please contact me here or by eMail

Your dreams still exist. They’re waiting for you to be remembered.

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

Improve Your Life - Inspire Others!