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The Miracle Of Juicing Versus A Real Juicing Equivalent


Fruit and vegetable juices are the cleansers, energizers, builders, and regenerators of the human system. Specifically, fruits are our cleansers and energizers and vegetable juices are our builders, and regenerators.

Juices put relatively little stress on the digestive system because they

help “cleanse” your body, encourages weight loss and packs you so full of fruity nutrients and veggie vitamins. Easy to absorb and their nutrients go directly into your bloodstream within minutes. On the contrary, to a long time, it takes to digest a full meal, and to the small amounts of nutrients available to the body even after a few hours of digestion.

Cravings for sweet and salty foods.

Using juice between meals is one of the most effective ways to cut down on longings for unhealthy or unnecessary foods. What really makes us feel dull and slack is eating several big meals a day. Freeing up the energy used for digestion is very important for your intellectual activity. You start to feel supplied by the juice in a way you haven’t observed before and out of this you will choose to eat in a way that supports this new form of nutriment. Some people can`t radically change their eating habits, but almost everybody can start drinking juice.

Why Juicing Whole Foods?

Juiced fruits, berries, vegetables, and leafy greens put relatively little stress on the digestive system because they:

  1. help cleanse your body
  2. encourages weight loss
  3. and fuel your body with essential phytonutrients

Most of our foods we eat are already cooked, which destroys 40-60 percent of the amino acids, a large percentage of the minerals and all the enzymes if cooked at a temperature higher than 120°F or 49°C.

Many people have been feeding themselves with overcooked, deficient food, and because juicing uses fresh, raw food, these privations are avoided.

Benefits of juicing whole foods

Juicing is such a safe and effective way to rebalance the body, no matter what it’s condition. Juice can make a remarkable difference for all no matter how healthy or unhealthy you may feel at the moment. All at once, your body gets fed with easy-to-digest liquid, food/liquid nutrients, and enzymes. That can be a tremendous boost to the immune system, as well as overall health.

With juices you can cleanse your system, rebuild it, and balance it.

A Real Juicing Equivalent

People often start juicing with great excitement, but then lose interest and miss keeping up the daily program, because they don’t want to take the time nor energy to prepare for juicing, either their schedules make it difficult to have fresh juices every day, they lead a busy lifestyle or constantly on the road when getting out of the juicing habit becomes a necessity.

Others are being held off from even trying any juicing program because of the expense of a high-quality juicer and fresh produce in large quantities. The commitment to better health through food is one that many are incapable or reluctant to make.

So if you experienced the same results like many of us had, meaning that your Juicer is stowed away than you might be looking for an equivalent that gives you all the nutrients but without the whole work.

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