3 Tips To Optimize Your Cellulite

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Cellulite, a tiresome topic

All of our organs are surrounded by a network of connective tissue cells that support our bodies; they keep everything properly divided. These cells also give our body its form and structure.

Our entire body must be supplied with oxygen and nutrients which are transported through the bloodstream to the cells.

Additionally, metabolic end products of the cells must be removed from the cells.

Here the connective tissue plays a crucial role; blood vessels go directly to the cell but they rely on fine capillaries to connect to the connective tissue. Nutrients diffuse from there, meaning they migrate into the cell to be absorbed. The degradation products of cells – also called slag – leaves the same way.

So far so good. But many of the metabolites are stored in the connective tissue and can’t be removed. This cellulite can evolve and we see the result:  ugly dimpling of the skin.

Therefore, the condition of our connective tissue is critical to the character, firmness, and elasticity of our skin.

Because the connective tissue serves the body as a nutrient, it needs a sufficient supply of nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and phytochemicals. When there are enough of them, we are rewarded with firm and elastic skin.

Unfortunately, this connective tissue can get ‘blocked’ by metabolic degradation products. It is not uncommon to have insufficient amounts of essential nutrients, which are necessary to stimulate micro-nutrients used by the metabolism.

With an active lifestyle and gradual changes, you can promote the regeneration of your connective tissue.

But what can you do to prevent poor connective tissue and to strengthen it, so you feel more comfortable and radiate health?

  • Optimize movement – the ratio of muscle to fat in the body should be low (think strengthening exercises, interval training, Pilates, yoga…)
  • Integrate more greens into your diet, because these are predominantly alkaline in the body.
  • Give yourself a steady supply of essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and vitamins. Stay hydrated with water, vegetable soups, and herbal tea.

A combination of these three points will help regenerate your connective tissue. Start with a new habit and integrate them into your daily routine. It is worth it to stay with your new habit because the reward is not only that the improved appearance of your thighs, hips, and abdomen but also you will develop a better awareness of the body and feel really good.

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How is cellulite formed?

Behind the cellulite is not a disease, but rather enlarged fat cells which have become noticeable mainly on the thighs, hips, abdomen, and upper arms. Women’s connective tissue is thinner and more flexible, thus the layer of fat is more pronounced than it would be for men.

The fine fabric strands of collagen is nearly the same but elastin has more elastic, so that the intervening fat cells freely can stretch out. The extended fatty cells obstruct blood circulation and lymph flow. The collagen fibers that act like a network and keep the skin taut then harden. Hormone fluctuations, overweight, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise benefit the whole scenario.

However, what appears to you to be annoying is by nature well designed; because the female fat tissue backs up the hidden reserves for pregnancy and lactation. Yet we often do not think feel when looking in the mirror. We feel bad,: compare us with pictures from the magazines and build a body image that says our self-worth is not good.

So what can you do?

A part of the solution is gentle cardio and light weight training. Regular sports, especially swimming, cycling, and dance will help keep cellulite at bay. Endurance training increases the blood circulation in the whole tissue and removes stored toxins step by step.

  1. Swimming and water aerobics are the real cellulite killers. One hour of fitness spent in the water burns up about 500 calories.
  2. Targeted muscle exercises for belly, legs, and buttocks are secondary because the muscles in the “problem areas” are enabled. If the fat cells are going to shrink, adjacent muscle layers needs to be strengthened at simultaneous fat loss.
  3. A third and essential part is the adequate supply of water and nutrients. When it comes to the topic of health and beauty, we come to speak and help with proper nutrition, especially focusing on micronutrients. Micronutrients are required in order to prevent major damage to the cells as the complex metabolic processes in the cells is fulfilled.

But why are they so important for our health and our looks?

First and foremost, help your body better handle the high demands of today’s life as you live it.

Manage micronutrients.

Some of the advantages of micro-nutrients: You bring impetus to the gut and do good for the blood glucose and cholesterol, which supports the detoxification and creation of a proper intestinal environment.

What can you do about the dents?

  • Gently brush your body every morning with a massage glove , from head to toe, until the skin is easily flushed. Then you can take hot-and-cold shower (always with a cold ending). The shock make sure that optimal blood supplies the skin and the metabolism is stimulated. Also the degradation products are transported more quickly from the tissue.
  • Support through massage: You can treat yourself to a connective tissue massage or lymphatic drainage. These massages will not only help that your “problem area” but also feel great. Speaking of lymphatic drainage, a mini trampoline can do really great work. The lymphatic system has no own “pump,” therefore it must be maintained by the breathing and muscle activity. By jumping on the trampoline the lymph flow will be stimulated and increased.

Every single aspect mentioned in this article can help you because health is the base. A healthy body can regenerate more easily than an unhealthy one. Give your body enough time to change. The feeling alone is worth it, so do something good for yourself.

Increase your body awareness, your appearance, and your self-confidence today.

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

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