Change is possible in either direction!

change is possible

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks anymore? Thanks to the latest brain research, these sayings are a thing of the past. Brain research says that our brain is plastic – that is, it is malleable, each new piece of information creates new pathways and new networks.

The nervous system and brain research!

Make a choice and then decide you want to change!

Let’s talk about the nervous system

  • The nervous system is “fed” by our senses and shaped by how habits arise that either support us in what we want to achieve or are rather hindering.
  • To shape and influence these habits in our favour is one of the most rewarding challenges we humans face.

One thing should be anticipated right away: it will not happen overnight, but step by step – but again in a relatively short period of time.

If we want to change habits, we have to change the flow of information into our nervous system.


By doing something different than before.

As early as the 1950s, extraordinary research and findings were made in this regard, which are astonishing – in Austria.

The psychologists Ivo Kohler and Theodor Erismann have carried out extensive experiments with reverse eyeglasses at the University of Innsbruck. In other words, the world was upside down for those who wore reverse eyeglasses. They found that after six days their test subjects had completely turned the image in their heads and could see normally.

The brain had completely adapted to the new situation within 6 days. When the glasses were removed, it only took a few minutes to get used to them.

Isn’t that impressive?

What can this ingenious ability of our nervous system to respond to new input with this adaptation mean for our everyday life?

How can we use this?

Let us take a closer look at three aspects that are controlled and controlled by our brain and nervous system:

  • Neuro – Muscular – The musculoskeletal system in its entirety
  • Biochemical – What we inhale, drink and eat.
  • Mental – Emotional – What mental information do I “feed” my brain with?


Every person has a typical movement pattern. We often recognize people from afar by their gait or running style.

Perfectly all right in itself. However, if injuries or complaints occur again and again during or after running, it makes sense to take a closer look at this pattern.

You know what a normal gait looks like: when the left leg takes a step forward, the right arm follows diagonally forward – and vice versa.

Often you see people walking or even better when running, how this harmonious change runs rather unevenly. An arm then usually stays on the body, it does not vibrate properly. Or the stride length is different between right and left.

These are clear signs of a disturbed muscle balance, which can be triggered, for example, by an injury in the ankle joint that has occurred a long time ago.

The connection between nerve and muscle is disturbed, the brain receives unfavourable inputs, an unphysiological sequence of movements develops – an unfavourable habit that can cause pain in the long run.

Of course, a professional clarification of the situation is very useful and recommended. But a conscious practice and training of the diagonal movements can already bring relief here.


Because it reprogrammes the brain, a new input provides a new orientation in the nerve-muscle connections.

By the way: Walking barefoot or running is one of the most efficient, simple and meaningful methods to give the brain new inputs.

Especially now in summer – take the opportunity to walk barefoot as often as possible.

barefoot - change is possible

2. Biochemical:

Nothing is more valuable and convincing than personal experiences. Allow me, therefore, to tell my own story on the subject of “Changing eating and drinking habits”.

Many years ago I took part together with my wife in a 10-day seminar on exercise, nutrition and stress management.

It was not so much a seminar as a training camp with some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce us to the limits of the three pillars of health mentioned above – that is, new input in the truest sense of the word!

Of course accompanied by experienced coaches.

To start with, several tests were carried out to determine the status quo so that progress could be made visible after 10 days.

For the topic “eating” there was exclusively vegetable food available. This was a completely new experience for most of us at that time..

A hi-tech test determined our current biochemical situation. To cut a long story short: after 9 days the tests were done again and the changes I could see in my blood picture here were simply incredible.

I had experienced on my own body and mind what it means to make a real change through a new input in my system body.

An experience I will never forget. Since it is my job to help people to feel better, it was clear that I began to dedicate myself to this task with great passion, especially in this area.

Under the heading “Metabolic Programming”, the long-term effects of what we eat and drink have been researched in detail for several years.

It becomes apparent that the quote “You are what you eat” is valid even down to the genetic information in the cell.

And groundbreaking books such as “The China Study”, currently the most comprehensive documentation of the relationship between nutrition, disease and health, impressively confirm these findings.

Allow me to make a recommendation based on my personal experience and the extensive data that is now available worldwide:

Please make sure that the majority of your food comes from plant sources.

45 power plants

3. Mental – Emotional

If there is neurological programming and metabolic programming, then the conclusion is obvious that there is also mental-emotional programming.

Just as we program our biochemical system with what we inhale, drink and eat – our physical food – so we program our mind with mental food.

Spiritual food understood as information which we consume daily in the form of newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, books, magazines, CD, DVD, etc..

This programming is probably the most important one when it comes to our health and well-being. Because this information is the raw material from which our thoughts, convictions and emotions are created. And these habits of thought shape our lives and thus our fate.

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough!

So the next time you get in the car and go to work, think about what is more important for your life: the morning news, which tells you exactly what disaster has happened in the world, how many people have been killed, what corruption has been uncovered again and again, etc…?

Or an audio book, your favourite music or a language learning course that takes you further personally and professionally, lets you go out with positive energy and gives you a perspective in your life?

It’s your choice, it’s your decision!

“Only two things can change your life:

Either something new comes into your life from the outside, or something new comes out of you!”

I wish you the very best!

Improve Your Life –  Inspire Others!


martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

Improve Your Life - Inspire Others!