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Happiness Is The Meaning And The Purpose Of Life. Find Ways To Manage Your Stress And Don’t Let Stress Take Away Your Right To Be Happy. You Deserve To Be Happy. Not Only Is Good Nutrition The Solution To Many Of The Health Problems Faced By People Today. But Poor Nutrition Creates An Overall Condition Called Dietary Stress. It Is All The Bad Things We Do To Our Bodies When We Eat Poorly: A Diet Too Heavy In Highly Processed Carbohydrates And Too Light In Fruits, Berries, Vegetables And Omega Acids.

The Truth Is…

30% Of Your Health Is Determined By Genetics. The Rest Is Due To Lifestyle Choices.

The Success People Have With Our Naturally Balanced Plant‐Based Products Is Amazing. They Get Inspired To Train Smart, Eat Better, And Watch The Results Speak For Themselves.

Dietary Stress

Dietary stress generates a hormonal response identical to emotional stress. When there is too much cortisol hormone in the body, it eats muscle, bone, connective tissue and enzymes in order to make sugar.

Chronic Disease

Another component of dietary stress is excess sugar, which literally sticks to body proteins and enzymes. Excess sugar also causes excess insulin, which contributes to all major chronic diseases.

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Special Needs

In short, dietary stress is the basis for all our modern chronic diseases. That’s good news, because you have the power to change all that. JP+ helps meet the special health needs of woman.

Dietary stress is caused by deficiency in the micronutrients necessary for the healthy functioning of the body.

Any Discussion Of Woman’s Health Must Start With Hormones.

Anyone Who Tells You Differently Is Probably A Man.


Hormones are chemical messengers that control every aspect of your body’s metabolism. Most woman are familiar with estrogen, the hormone many doctors replace in menopause.


Balanced Hormones mean balanced metabolism and optimal health. Unbalanced hormones can cause disease.

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The food we take and eat is critical to hormonal balance.

Take fats, for example. Good fats in our diets, like certain oils and other unprocessed fats, provide the structure for the membranes of all 64 trillion cells in the body.

Healthful Nutrition Will Assist Your Body Make Optimal Use Of Dietary Carbohydrates By Promoting The Storage Of Glycogen Rather Than The Storage Of Fat.

This allows your body to maintain a constant supply of energy to your muscles, brain and? ​

What Most Distinguishes Us Is The Large And Growing Body Of Clinical Research Performed Specifically On The Products.

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