Detox Weekend Inspirations. Do They Work?

detox weekend inspirations

Congratulations on your decision to focus on your health and give more attention to a healthier lifestyle.

Can Weekend Detox be that powerful for you?

Yes, it can!

Because you consciously take control and responsibility for your body. Even if you only take parts from this program for yourself and implement them for some time, you have set in motion a positive change. With small steps to big results!

Those were the first lines I read at my detox start.

And so the journey has begun. It gave myself the opportunity to rebalance my body. To finally feel good in my skin again. Not right away with the first weekend, but with a few simple steps that I have continuously implemented.

With this simple plan I have already been able to “nudge” many people to get a grip on their physical challenges. Because it is intended as a starting signal for a healthier future.

I wish you much fun and success in the implementation!

Detox Basics

Purify and detoxify – with this you can relieve your body and mind of the challenges and strains of everyday life.

Detoxing helps your entire organism to regain its balance, to free itself from ballast and to be full of joie de vivre.

To keep your balance, you can install Detox-days or Detox weekends at regular intervals. Your body will thank you many times!

What is Detox?

Detox comes from English and means – detoxify, detoxify, remove – and stands for a gentle inner cleansing of the body by activating the self-healing powers.

In addition, it is also a question of absorbing less of the harmful substances in order to relieve the immune system. But there is much you can do not only in the selection of food, but also in dealing with television, Internet & Co. Reducing here for a few days can have a tremendous regenerative effect both physically and mentally.

Overload by toxins

First of all, we have a completely independent detoxification system. Toxins are excreted through the skin, respiration, blood circulation, lymphatic system and kidneys and digestive system to keep us healthy and in balance.

But if the imbalance becomes too great, it can also become too much for our intelligent body. If too many metabolic end products and residues are no longer removed, the body stores them in fatty tissue, connective tissue, muscles, joints and blood vessels. This leads to overstraining of organs and tissues. We feel this in the form of bad mood, tiredness, listlessness,…

What are the triggers for an overload?

Lack of exercise, too little vegetable food, but too much animal food, environmental toxins in various forms (detergents, cosmetics, clothing, food additives), stress and destructive thoughts.

Our body has to process all this. So it’s no wonder that sometimes we’re out of balance.

What signs indicate that our organism is overloaded?

Fatigue, frequent headaches, weight gain, skin irritations, sleep disturbances, imbalance, listlessness, gastrointestinal problems.

Listen to your body, it knows exactly when it is time for you to take a break.

The advantages of Detox

The detoxification and purification mechanisms are activated so that metabolic end products can be discharged. This has the advantage that the feeling of hunger is regulated, cravings are reduced, a better blood circulation is promoted, which is shown, for example, in a more beautiful skin appearance. The skin becomes purer, softer and more radiant.

Another advantage is that the body can rest better at night because it does not have to use its resources to “process” the harmful substances. This means that you sleep better, calmer and deeper. The body can fully concentrate on regeneration.

What helped me was the Jumpstart

Is Detox a diet?

Although it is not a diet and does not have the goal of weight loss, it is the ideal preparation for a start to better habits.

If you use a detox weekend to relieve your body, you have the best conditions for a successful change in diet. Step by step – not all at once.

My best 3 tips of a weekend Detox cure!


The start of the day.

During these three days the focus is on a vegetarian diet. This is also simply to give the body the opportunity to have less work with the digestion and to relieve the organs. The best experiences to get into the day.

The term smoothie comes from the English and refers to the creamy consistency of the various ingredients that are mashed in the blender. Unlike juicing, the satiating dietary fibres are retained here.

The green mixed drinks of fruits, green leafy vegetables and water taste delicious, are quickly prepared and provide concentrated vital and nutrients in their most natural form.

Especially when you are not a big fan of green leafy vegetables, smoothies are an ideal solution to get to the valuable nutrients. Because in combination with the fruits they are a real taste experience.

The special feature: the high micronutrient content.

The micronutrient content of green leaves far exceeds that of our usual staple foods such as cereals, potatoes, milk or meat.

The green leafy vegetables contain a variety of secondary plant substances, are rich in insoluble dietary fibres – important for good digestion, have a basic effect on the organism and supply chlorophyll in abundance.

There should be 4-6 hours between meals.

Why is this important?

If you give your body a 4-6 hour break from eating, fat burning or fat reduction is possible. Why? Because exactly at this stage, when blood sugar levels are low, fat is burned.

Another great advantage is when the evening meal is liquid. In the form of soup or shakes. Digestion is spared, regeneration is stimulated. Reward: the next morning you wake up with a completely different feeling. The skin is purer, the stomach a little flatter and the thoughts more positive.


  • still water
  • Ginger and lemon water hot or cold
  • Green Tea (from Japan!!!)
  • Digestive aid – 4 lemons + ½ tsp sea salt + ginger slices.
  • Pour the juice of 4 lemons into a closable glass
  • Add 1/4- 1/2 tsp sea salt.
  • Slice the ginger and put it in the lemon-salt mixture.
  • Eat 2 slices of ginger before each meal.

How much to drink?

Watch the color of the urine. Let it be bright and clear!


We have already talked about the fact that the body deposits the excess metabolic end products in various areas if these can no longer be excreted sufficiently.

In addition to nutrition and sufficient fluids, exercise plays an important role in promoting excretion. However, since the body surrounds itself, it should not be overburdened.

A walk in the countryside

Just a 30-minute walk in a quiet environment is enough to get your circulation going. There is hardly anything more suitable to switch off and recharge your batteries than a walk in nature.

And such a walk can do much more than just relax. It lifts the mood and relieves stress.


Another way to promote physical and mental relaxation. Yoga is a very effective system to train muscles, tendons and ligaments evenly and gently, to strengthen the circulation and to release blockages and tensions.

Certain yoga exercises (bending forward) stimulate the internal organs such as kidneys, liver and pancreas and improve intestinal movement. This ensures physical and mental “cleansing” and thus charges the entire organism with energy.

The yoga exercises act like an “inner massage”. The blood circulation is promoted and the metabolism of many organs is stimulated. In this way, the body can increase its oxygen uptake and transport more toxins from the body.

In the deep relaxation that is made at the end, the circulation comes to rest and the stress subsides. This strengthens the immune system and stimulates the self-healing powers.


Conscious breathing has several advantages for your body and your general well-being.

Better digestion and detoxification

Special breathing techniques stimulate the metabolism and tone of your digestive organs. The exercises produce heat in your body, dispose of toxins and strengthen your immune system. Excess fat is broken down.

Improved blood circulation

Breathing deeply and slowly improves your blood circulation. Thus more oxygen is transported into all cells and tissues.

Promotes relaxation

A feeling of inner satisfaction spreads and the quality of sleep improves. The best time for the following exercises is in the morning. Your stomach is empty, your body relaxed and your mind clear and free of negative thoughts. If this is not possible, you can also use this exercise.

The best time for the following exercises is in the morning. Your stomach is empty, your body relaxed and your mind clear and free of negative thoughts. If this is not possible, you can also do this exercise in the evening. Here it has an additional calming effect that can help you sleep better.

Before you start with the exercises, a few hints:

Clear your nose before starting the exercises so that your breath can flow freely through both nostrils. Just focus on your breathing. Just let your thoughts come and go. Do not exaggerate or overexert your breathing! Effort prevents the effect. If you feel uncomfortable during the exercise – stop the exercise and return to normal breathing.

Alternating nasal breathing

The exercise is one of the best and easiest to cleanse your mind and body. It promotes the flow of energy and makes physical and mental stress disappear. It creates an even flow of air and harmonizes the body. It cleanses and strengthens the lungs and the entire respiratory system. Your body feels light and your eyes shine.

A round of this exercise consists of 6 steps:

  1. inhale through the left nostril by holding the right one closed with your thumb
  2. hold your breath for a few seconds to cover both nostrils
  3. exhale through the right nostril, keep the left one closed with the ring finger.
  4. inhale through the right nostril by keeping the left one closed
  5. hold your breath for a few seconds to cover both nostrils
  6. exhale through the right nostril by holding the left one closed with your thumb

Start with 5 rounds

Cooling Breathing

The exercise promotes your relaxation, brings peace and serenity. It serves to cool the body and to reduce an excessive feeling of hunger. Hunger and thirst can be kept under control and a feeling of satisfaction grows. It is also said to have a rejuvenating effect.


This exercise involves stretching out your tongue a little, rolling up the sides of the tongue to form a groove to draw in air through the groove as you breathe in. Close your mouth while holding your breath, then slowly exhale through your nose.

Take 5 – 10 of these breaths

If it is not possible for you to roll the tongue sideways upwards, you can simply stroke your breath over your tongue.

Breathing is life. With each breath we get what supplies our body with energy down to the smallest cell.


Get in the tub. Small effort – big effect.

Who doesn’t know this pleasant feeling when you sink into the warm water. Tensions loosen up and you start to feel good.

Before you step into the tub, you can indulge in a brush massage – the remotely dead skin flake and the young skin cells can breathe a sigh of relief. It makes the skin soft and supple. And the warm bath also supports the skin during excretion.

Strengthening the liver

  • The liver is one of the important detoxification organs. It therefore makes sense to pay more attention to it during the detox phase.
  • The liver is one of the largest organs in our body. It is a vitamin store, iron depot, sugar store and above all our most important metabolic organ and detoxification organ.
  • The liver filters our blood and sorts out harmful substances and degradation products.

What do you need for a liver wrap?

A small towel. A bath towel and a hot-water bottle or warm pillow.

Immerse the small guest towel in hot water, wring it out and place it on the liver area. Place the hot water bottle on top and wrap it in a bath towel. 30 minutes to relax.

The best time for a liver wrap is between 12:00 and 14:00 or before going to bed.

What has to be taken into account?

If you have acute symptoms, ulcers or intestinal ulcers, please DO NOT make liver compresses.

Breakfast recipes always with the 30 different fruits, veggies- and berry capsules

The perfect start to the day

The green mixed drinks of fruits, green leafy vegetables and water taste delicious, are quickly prepared and provide concentrated vital and nutrients in their most natural form.


Green leafy vegetables, fruits & water. Add 300 ml water and approx. 150 grams of “green stuff” to the blender and mix for 1-2 minutes. Add about 150 grams of fruit and mix again until the consistency is creamy. The smoothie can be diluted at any time by adding water.


1 handful of celery leaves
1 handful lamb’s lettuce (lamb’s lettuce)
1 apple
2 glasses of water
1 banana
juice of half a lemon

Put the water and the leaves of celery and lamb’s lettuce into the blender and mix at the highest level. Then add the banana, apple and lemon juice. Mix until the consistency is creamy.

Avocado Pear Smoothie

2 handfuls of chard
2 handfuls lamb’s lettuce
1 grapefruit
1 avocado
1 pear
a pinch of salt
400 ml water
Clean ingredients and cut into small pieces.

Put lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, cucumber and 400 ml water into the blender and mix at high speed. Then stop the mixer again. Add the remaining ingredients and mix again. Check consistency and add some water if necessary.

Ruccola Mango Smoothie

1 handful lettuce
1 handful of rucola
1/3 cucumber
1 grapefruit
1 mango
3 glasses of water

Clean ingredients and cut into small pieces.

Put lettuce, rocket and cucumber in the blender and add water. Start the mixer at the lowest level, slowly increase to the highest speed so that the leaf green is finely chopped. Add the remaining ingredients and mix again. Check consistency and add some water if necessary.

Recipes for lunch always with the 30 different fruits, veggies- and berry capsules

Vegetables fill you up and strengthen your body


gourd, cabbage, turnip cabbage, carrots, brussels sprouts, small radish, parsnips, Paprika – red, yellow, orange, green, eggplant, Celery – Celery or stalk celery, fennel, broccoli, peas, leek, onions, beets, asparagus, Black salsifies + fresh herbs.

vegetable smoothie

Paprika cauliflower vegetables with cranberries

1/2 cauliflower
1 red and orange pepper
1 courgette
1 onion
1 apple
1 tbsp agave syrup
Salt & Cardamom

A handful of cranberries 6-8 pieces of whole almonds

Cut onion and apple into small pieces and fry in a pan in some olive oil or vegetable butter until translucent. Caramelise with agave syrup. Then add the cauliflower and zucchini cut into pieces and leave to stand for a while. In the meantime, cut the pepper into small pieces and add.

Finally, add the cranberries and let them steep. Season with salt and cardamom. Garnish with the almonds and serve hot.

Fennel and tomato vegetables on leaf salad

1 fennel
1 courgette
2 large vine tomatoes
vegetable butter or olive oil
12 leaves of lettuce
pumpkin seed oil, pinch of salt, pepper

Put the vegetable butter in a pan, heat it up and then add the chopped fennel and fry it lightly. Immediately afterwards, the tomatoes are added. A few minutes later, add the zucchini cut into cubes and leave to stand. Season a little at the end.

Wash the leaves of the lettuce, dab off excess water and spread on the plate. Sprinkle with lemon juice and pumpkin seed oil. Put the finished fennel and tomato vegetables in the middle of the plate. Decorate with fresh herbs and serve.

Zucchini noodles with carrots

1 onion
3 carrots
3 tomatoes
2 medium courgettes
1 tbsp almond paste or
2 tablespoons dwarf meadow mango chili cream, salt, rosemary

Peel and dice the onion and sauté in a large pot in a little oil. Add the sliced carrots and fry a little. Chop the tomatoes and mix in.

In the meantime, cut the zucchini into spaghetti shape with a spiral cutter. Mix the zucchini spaghetti with the vegetables. After a few minutes, add the almond paste or the mango chili cream. Season to taste with salt and rosemary.

Recipes for the evening always with the 30 different fruits, veggies- and berry capsules

Soups are always in season

Soups are always in season


– Curry cream soup with coconut milk
– Cream of cauliflower soup with almond leaves
– cabbage soup
– Minestrone – Italian vegetable soup
– Cream of tomato soup
– Pumpkin cream soup
– potato soup

Cream of broccoli soup

1 broccoli
500 ml vegetable stock
About 1/2 can of coconut milk
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
salt & pepper a pinch of nutmeg
1 red chili
1-2 tbsp dwarf meadow neutral spread

Cut the onion, garlic and chilli into large pieces and fry in some olive oil or vegetable butter in a pot. Then add the broccoli cut into pieces and the vegetable stock (so much that the broccoli is just covered). Leave to simmer until the broccoli is cooked. Now everything is pureed. For refinement I like to use neutral dwarf meadow spread (vegan). Simply add 1 heaped tablespoon and season.

Onion soup

4 onions
approx. 1 tablespoon olive oil or vegetable butter
approx. 600 ml vegetable stock
Salt & Pepper
1 tsp thyme dried or fresh or add a bay leaf

Optionally: Baguette * better without bread in the detox phase

Chop the onions. Melt the olive oil or vegetable butter in a pot and sauté the onions until they are slightly glassy. This will take a few minutes, of course. Then add the vegetable stock and thyme or bay leaf. Depending on the consistency of the soup you can add some broth. Simmer for about 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Beetroot soup

1 onion
2 fresh, red beets (if there are no fresh beets at the moment, you can also use the pre-cooked ones)
2 small potatoes, alternatively 100g butternut pumpkin
700 ml vegetable stock
salt, pepper and thyme or chili
Add a dash of coconut milk to refine if you like

Peel and dice the onion and sauté in a large pot in a little oil. Peel beets and potatoes or pumpkin, dice and sauté. Pour in the vegetable stock, bring to the boil and then simmer slightly for 20 minutes. Then puree with a hand blender, season to taste with salt and pepper. Add chilli or thyme according to taste. You can refine the soup with a dash of coconut milk!

weekend detox inspirations


Day 1

* In the morning a green smoothie
* At noon a vegetable dish
* In the evening a soup or smoothie of your choice

Spread throughout the day, drink water, lemon-ginger-water or green tea (1-2 cups )

At the end of the day – comfortable clothes and out into the fresh air. Far away from noise and exhaust fumes. Best in nature. And then a footbath with sea salt.


* In the morning a green smoothie // At noon a vegetable dish // In the evening a soup
* Spread throughout the day, drink water, lemon-ginger-water or green tea (1-2 cups )
* Morning – 20 min. yoga or purification training with the mini trampoline (5-10 min)
* In the afternoon – enjoy a liver pack and the peace and quiet
* Evening – Breathing exercise before going to bed

Day 3

* In the morning a green smoothie // At noon a vegetable dish // In the evening a soup
* Spread throughout the day, drink water, lemon-ginger-water or green tea (1-2 cups )
* Morning – Breathing exercises
* Afternoon – Walk
* In the evening – a full bath with sea salt and early to bed

Good luck with the implementation!

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