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For Travel Freaks: FUN and Healthy on the Go

I love to travel, but eating healthy can be difficult on the go… NOT!

One of my greatest trips was an USA trip. Eating healthy can be easy… if you focus on FUN and CURIOSITY.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip | Make food on the go FUN

Pack Your Emergency Food Kit
Make it look cool in Tupper-NOT-Ware
Navigating in Starbucks

Martina’s Travel Home to AUSTRIA Food Strategy


The aim is to eat lean proteins and high fiber foods that settle well in your stomach. Try some of these. Pack a few in your tupper-NOT-ware.


I hate ugly plastic containers. So not sexy… My tip is to put your food into something you want to eat out of.

Introducing “Box Appetit” made by design firm Black and Blum in London. It’s gorgeous, lightweight and made with better for you materials. It’s Bento Box FUN! Watch the info video here:

Another colorful and fun alternative is Bentology in the U.S.A. Which also has yummy recipes of what to put in your bento box.

Don’t want to feel left out as your friends order their mocha lattes?

For coffee/drinks my reco is water (duh) and to not be a boring gal order a tall coffee too…

Tall Café Americano with a splash of whole milk or cream
Tall Café Vanilla Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee (without the whipped cream)
Watch Out! Most sweetened/flavored coffees have loads of sugar in it and will put you in a bad mood.

For a meal I’d choose the least refined food item with the most visible produce within it. Go for protein and fiber.

Bistro Box (protein or omega 3)
Chicken and black bean salad
Or a sandwich with egg… beans… or veggies


I live in Austria. When I’m traveling home direct from DUBAI OR JFK to Vienna I am sure to pack these 3 things for the 8-hour flight…

When I get to either DUBAI or NYC instead of pigging out and eating all my favorites all at once, I eat one special thing every day that reminds me of home. A toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, and an awesome pasta with spicy Italian sauce.

The rest of the time, I focus on eating mostly lean proteins, lots of leafy greens (with my meals) and fiberrific foods. And I can’t say it enough… drink water, water, water.

If you do this…

Your body will love you.

You will be in a good mood…

which makes you a calm sexy travel companion.

Who wouldn’t want that?


If I were you… I would try one of the above ideas on your next trip OR try bringing it as a test to work. The more you try and “practice” these healthy tips, the easier it will be to keep doing it.

And don’t forget to have fun with it.

Safe travels.


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