Why good blood circulation is important

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How does the blood circulation system  (cardiovascular system) work?

Blood circulation – Our cardiovascular system, the importance of blood vessels and why good blood circulation is so important.

It delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body. It consists of the heart and the blood vessels running through the entire body. The veins carry blood back to the heart and the arteries carry blood away from the heart. The blood vessels resembles a tree: the aorta branches into large arteries, which lead to smaller and smaller vessels, the capillaris.

Therefore our cardiovascular system, our central supply line, the necessary “fuel” into each cell, without it –  life is not possible. Living tissue must be continuous and sufficient looked after for it to function. Otherwise it will fall ill.

The supply takes place via the blood circulation.

With every heartbeat, the heart pumps our lifeblood into the body up to each and every one of us. To every single cell.

This is where the exchange takes place – oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes are exchanged.

In return, slag substances such as carbon dioxide and uric acid are released and substances to be disposed of accordingly. Together with the mechanisms that control it, the blood circulation forms a sophisticated system, which provides a continuous and sufficient supply of the fabric is guaranteed.

And that doesn’t matter whether we are sleeping or doing sports, whether we feel healthy or with lying in bed with fever.

But that’s not all!

The blood vessels have another vital task to perform.

  • They allow the self-healing powers to work. Only if their circulation is possible via the vascular systems can bacteria and inflammation be reduced.
  • Wounds can close and heal, scars can be formed,
  • Decongest sprains or healing bones after a fracture.

What happens when blood vessels and pathways are obstructed?

If these vital pathways are obstructed, the circulation is reduced or interrupted, the tissue, which is affected by a sufficient amount of supply is dependent.

Similar to a river whose water remains fresh and healthy as long as it flows, at standstill, however, becomes cloudy and begins to be toxic.

The father of osteopathy – Andrew Taylor Still – wrote over a hundred years ago in flowery language about the “meaning of the arteries”:

“An impaired artery marks the beginning, to the hour and minute -to whom a disease in the human body sows the seed of destruction. The artery must be able to lead the regiment anywhere and at any time and absolutely unhindered, or a disease will follow.”

What are the possible causes of impaired circulation?

“Simple” triggers are e.g. tension in the muscles or connective tissue, muscle spasms due to overuse or limited mobility of  organs. More serious causes include heart failure and arteriosclerosis – the so-called “vessel calcification”.

All these causes affect the vascular systems in their function, namely the adequate supply and disposal, activation of the self-healing powers, etc.

So there is an interdependence here.

Blood vessels enable sufficient movement and supply, and sufficient movement enables an optimal function of the blood vessels.

What are the consequences of poor circulation and care?

If it doesn’t work out optimally, a vicious circle of lack of supply arises : i.e. restricted movement – restricted function – lack of supply – still more restrictions – etc.

Every cell, every organ, every body system that is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients is limited to work to it fullest. This lays the foundation for illness.

This is exactly where the osteopath, the practitioner, intervenes.

hans meirhoferOn the one hand, he restores the lost mobility with his therapy, so that the vascular systems and conduction pathways can function again without restrictions

On the other hand, support from within is unavoidable. Because – health starts from the inside – out!

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Harvard University, and one of the most famous cell researchers of our time, expresses it so aptly in one sentence:


“It depends on the environment – especially within our bodies!”

The environment we create inside our body – with our lifestyle, with what we eat and drink. In this way we create an environment especially in our blood vessels – that makes it possible for the cells, organs, muscles – in short, the entire organism is able to optimally function.

In the sense of truly holistic treatment and care, it is therefore essential, to provide a healthy environment in our body.

Three central points are of fundamental importance:

  1. oxygen – movement and targeted breathing exercises are here a simple and proven remedy.
  2. water – but how much? Another simple tip: look at your urine – if it is yellowish or even darker, then the body screams for water. Is it clear – then you are adequately supplied.
  3. micronutrients from plant sources – vegetables, fruit and berries are the most important. The optimal solution. Here you will find the perfect composition, as “Mother Nature” has called it. Whoever takes the 5 servings recommended by the World Health Organization and can’t do more per day, he/she can feed his/her daily diet with concentrates from vegetables, fruit and berries.

What has Juice Plus+ got to do with this?

JUICE PLUS+® The best of fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule
Renowned universities and research institutes around the world have been researching Juice Plus+ products for more than 20 years. The findings Study Results are published regularly in scientific journals.

Two criteria were at the forefront of the development of JUICE PLUS+®  :

  1. As close to nature as possible
  2. Proof of efficacy documented in clinical studies according to the gold standard. Studies can now be found here.

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

Improve Your Life - Inspire Others!