The path to a healthy weight

Let’s talk about an important topic for many people – losing weight the healthy way and maintaining a healthy weight because we know that excess fat contributes to many different health challenges.

Well, our body can’t handle the onslaught of toxins, so it protects our organs by trapping the toxins in fat cells. The good news is this keeps the toxins from roaming and causing havoc in our body. The bad news is the fat cells expand and can cause weight issues.

When you burn fat in the wrong way without proper nutrition or over-exercising, the toxins are re-released into the bloodstream…which stresses the body…so your body (very smartly) goes into fat production to once again enrobe the toxins, protecting vital organs, and the fat returns. Its a vicious cycle.



There is a smarter way to stay healthy.

The safe and healthy way to lose weight is to allow your body to cleanse itself by removing the toxic load and adding CLEAN eating, especially fruits, berries, and vegetables, and drinking enough water. Now you are shredding fat, and assisting your liver so it can do its cleansing job. This way, the weight loss is more sustainable and leads to new body awareness.


But how can we support the body?

Lots of water and lots of fruits and vegetables (does are natural cleaners)

But the fact is, we usually don´t flood our bodies with enough essential nutrients ( vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients,…) to support the cleansing process – so we need help and one important part of this Jumpstart we found many years ago is to add the Juice Plus Trio Capsules and JP+ Complete shakes to your diet. The concept here is adding some good stuff to your diet not restricting everything you love.

It helps you flooding your body with 30+ fruits, vegetables, and berries every day. It’s not a substitute for the real thing – but it will definitely bridge the gap.

Now let’s talk about willpower for a moment – it’s not true that some people have it and some people don’t. Willpower is actually a function of your blood sugar. Think about a time when you skipped a meal or you were too busy that you just forgot to eat. We all have those days, right? And then you want to eat anything in sight. Or you absolutely wanted those sweets, and it felt so good eating them, but after a short period of time, you got this urge to have more.

That´s your blood sugar level riding the rollercoaster, constantly telling you, I want and need more!


maintaining weight


It’s called Glycemic Index

Here is why: the Glycemic Index – it is the rate at which sugar enters your bloodstream. As we all know sugar SHOULD enter your bloodstream slowly and give you sustained energy (like you get from complex carbs) or sugar can rush in and spike your blood sugar level … – this is what happens when we eat empty carbohydrates – like bread, crackers, sweets, or boxed foods. There is a spike in blood sugar… and then it comes crashing down and an hour or 2 later you need a nap… but not before you raid the pantry!

This also happens when we skip a meal, or first thing in the morning when we wake up on an empty stomach and think we have to have caffeine to wake up. When we eat a low glycemic meal, with fiber so any sugar enters the bloodstream slowly (like with the JP+ Complete Shake)… then our blood sugar is stable and it makes it so much easier to avoid bad habits and food addictions.

The thing is – if your blood sugar level is balanced – there is not much of willpower requested!


And you can use it in so many ways… I almost always have a shake for breakfast which starts my day great and loves it mid-afternoon when I want to snack… I look forward to it!
If you really commit to the Guidelines and add Juice Plus+ it is very common to see results.


Some useful guidelines

  • Eat regularly
  • Eat more REAL Food (things like fresh vegetables, whole grains, peas, beans)
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water
  • Add Juice Plus+ Trio Capsules and Shakes to support cleansing and rejuvenating
  • Move your body once a day
  • There’s no calorie counting or food deprivation or a complicated formula to follow.


JP+ has been studied all over the world for the past 25 years and it is the most researched nutritional product on the planet.

My whole family is adding JP+ Trio Capsules and Complete to their diet for more than 20+ years. I personally have the JP+ Complete Shake every day for breakfast to maintain my weight and most of all to feel fabulous. And it never gets boring, because the variety of preparing the shakes are endless.

It really does make a difference.


Take it easy – but take action

Even a tiny step each day will result in a big change over time. Give your body and mind the chance to feel amazing!

If You LOVE to know more about how you can get the results please contact me


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