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Thoughts On The Network Marketing Profession assembled a panel of American thought leaders to give them their thoughts on the state of the Network Marketing profession. The consensus: our current economic woes may well bring about a historic upsurge in the popularity of the network marketing model. — J.D.M.

Just to pick a few great network marketing statements:

Sharon Wilson

People who are attracted to network marketing tend to be more open; they’re already “outside the box” thinkers, looking for a better way … a way that gives them a better sense of balance. This goes hand in hand with an inquiry into more spiritual values.

I think network marketing provides a fertile ground for spirituality. The concept of network marketing itself is all about creating an opportunity for collaboration, for win-wins, for everyone achieving their dreams. (Aug 03) Sharon Wilson is founder of the Coaching from Spirit Foundation

Josephine Gross, Ph.D.

Today our awareness is evolving, as is our economy. While standard economic theory states that people are  interested only in their own material gain, new insights from behavioral economics show that our primary motivator is not greed but compassion.

Science is confirming what world religions have pointed to for thousands of years: that everything around us is part of a living universe, and we are only stewards of whatever we think we “own.”

As the old economy of fear and greed is crumbling, a new economy of partnership is being born. I feel blessed to serve a profession whose leaders are frontrunners in this global shift. Network marketing offers a unique context, vehicle and structure for doing business based on the awareness of our unity, through servant  leadership, cooperation, community involvement and charitable giving. (Nov/Dec 09) Josephine Gross, Ph.D. is cofounder and editor in chief of Networking Times.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

I like network marketing because, at least to some degree, it transcends the current competitive system. It’s about synergistic leadership, that is, leadership that facilitates and empowers rather than dominates and controls. I don’t think we’re going to have peace if we don’t piece together the emergent potentials of our system. The pieces need to be networked — and that brings us back around to network marketing. I think it is prefiguring global intelligence. (May 08) Barbara Marx Hubbard is author of Conscious Evolution

Seth Godin

Network marketing works when it’s not about you. It works when it is about the customer. Not sort of about the customer as a way of helping you, not kinda about the customer when you imagine how they could act like you and become part of your downline. No, it works when it is generous and transparent and true.

If someone buys from you because they are a friend or because it’s easier than avoiding you, that’s not about the customer. Here’s my dream for you: find a product and a price and a story that people choose to seek out. Discover a niche that people would miss if it disappeared. Offer an experience that’s about more than money, more than making a living and more than recruiting a new salesperson. When you bring joy and utility and trust to people (at a fair price), they’ll embrace you. Seth Godin is author of the New York Times bestsellers The Dip and Tribes.

John Assaraf

Many people have the wrong idea of what network marketing is; the truth is that the business has evolved  ignificantly in the last twenty years. There are those who will shy away from network marketing because of its past, and then there are those smart ones who will make their fortunes because they can forget the past and see the future.

In network marketing, the power of your connections and determination allows you to build a highly successful business without the traditional costs of going into business on your own. The products, systems and ability to generate a great income and lifestyle make a powerful combination for those who want their share of the American dream. John Assaraf is coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Answer

Stephen M. R. Covey

To me, the most interesting dimension of network marketing is the focus on building relationships of trust. All parties must be able to trust one another, or nothing moves forward. Accountability, transparency and other high-trust behaviors clearly flow out of your character and competence, which in turn help to improve, solidify and create better relationships. Those relationships are powerful fruits that enable you to enjoy greater collaboration, a better reputation and shared accomplishment. When done well, network marketing is the speed of trust in action. Stephen M.R. Covey is author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust.

Robert Kiyosaki

Network marketing teaches basic, critical life skills. It teaches people how to overcome their fears, how to communicate, and how to handle rejection and maintain persistence. This kind of education is absolutely priceless. Here’s what I tell people: “Even if you don’t like it, stay with it for five years and you’ll be better equipped to survive in the real world of business. And you’ll be a better person.”

The people who are successful in network marketing have a spiritual cause. They genuinely want to help better others’ lives. If you don’t have that, if you just want a paycheck, then work for the post office! (Mar 05) Robert Kiyosaki is author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Mark Victor Hansen

Network marketing is the most giving form of business model in existence. Somebody who owns the right to give away work, which is what network marketing does, owns the gift of gifts. There ought to be a mission in their commission, because networkers are paid in direct proportion for what they give. So, they offer it to somebody, and whether that particular person accepts it or not, somebody will accept it.

Giving the gift of freedom, the gift of employment and the gift of a future opportunity is the greatest gift ever. Opportunity is the greatest charity. […] I believe network marketing is the key to solving the economic problems of our time. Not, “it may be the key”—it is the key.

Everybody should be in a network marketing company. Because even if they’re inactive and just use the product, when they lose their job or have a problem with their employer, they can immediately go to this business, turn on the spigot, and a month later be making money—and sometimes faster than that, because some companies pay weekly. The point is that everybody can do it, and you can do it as young as 18 and up to any age. (Nov/Dec 09) Mark Victor Hansen is co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing phenomenon and author of dozens of other popular books.

Bob Proctor

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that it is the most moral form of compensation there is. And it follows the very best income-earning strategy:

you’re leveraging yourself and you’re providing great service. You’re waking people up. You’re showing people how to spend their days doing what they love to do, while at the same time earning an excellent income. Properly executed, network marketing gives people time and money freedom. It gives them liberty, which is their birthright. (Mar 07) Bob Proctor is author of You Were Born Rich.

T. Harv Eker

The unusual and wonderful thing about network marketing is that everyone around you is working to help you grow, instead of trying to keep you down! In what other business do you have people making $50,000 and more a month—and they’re willing to tell you exactly how they did it? (May 05) T. Harv Eker is author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Michael Gerber

Network marketing [provides a] purely democratic, highly entrepreneurial, deeply authentic and simple model for successful living. In network marketing, your success or your failure is completely up to you. . . . [In network marketing,] you’re not in the business of simply selling products or a business opportunity, you’re in the transformation business. Michael Gerber is author of the New York Times bestseller The E-Myth.

Paul Zane Pilzer

More than any other business, network marketing starts with the core: not with the product or the service, but with helping other people by teaching them how to succeed, regardless of their education or what business or field they’ve been in.

What’s so exciting about network marketing is that you can offer this opportunity to anyone, and people can maximize the value of their life experiences instead of having those life experiences limit their opportunity. (Aug 03) Paul Zane Pilzer is author of the New York Times bestseller God Wants You to Be Rich.

One of our personal mentors is Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

Eric answers the ultimate question: what do we call what we do? Some call it Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). And some call it Network Marketing. Right now, we are confusing the world. The only way we can tell people what we do is by naming a certain company.

“We’re like that company,” we say. We need to have a standard that describes the channel of distribution we represent. So, what do we actually do? Ultimately, we sell products to consumers using word of mouth advertising. This is accomplished with three basic strategies.

First, we personally go out and sell the products or services to consumers. Second, we build and expand a network of other distributors who do the same thing. And third, we apply leadership to that network to improve productivity of our network.

That is what we do. So, how can we describe that in a term? MLM is, in Eric’s opinion, a terrible term. All that the term describes is that you can get more than one level from network building. But it doesn’t talk about sales, leadership, or expanding the network. MLM only touches on one little aspect of the compensation plan.

Direct Selling is also, in Eric’s opinion, a terrible term. It still only describes one piece of what we do. Yes, we take products and sell them directly to consumers, but so does the kid with the lemonade stand. Most of the world is involved in Direct Selling to some extent.

The best description is Network Marketing. Network Marketing perfectly covers how we are in the business of marketing products and services through a network of ever expanding and increasingly productive distributors using word of mouth advertising.

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