New Body Feeling. It’s Your Life. Make It Complete

New Body Feeling

It’s Your Life. Make it Complete.

Discover A Way To Bring Your Body Back Into Shape And Gain A New Body Feeling.

How a new body feeling can be reached with COMPLETE? Since most of us are visually shaped, we pay attention to our external effect and appearance.

Why? Because it is important to us to look good and to feel comfortable in our own body!

But many of us are simply not satisfied with our body, the current weight and our appearance. We concentrate too much on what is “not okay”. The even greater evil is that we compare ourselves with images from magazines that show us flawlessness that seems unattainable and often does not even correspond to reality.

But what can we do to bring our body back into shape and to be full of joie de vivre?

Mostly the journey of diets, crash cures, deprivations to fit into the beauty image of society begins here. We want to belong (to the slim and beautiful) and completely overlook the fact that all this is already within us.

The moment we make the decision and begin to listen better to our bodies and to pay attention to a conscious way of life, the transformation / change within us begins.

This leads to more self-confidence and self-acceptance and as a result, we enjoy exercising more and more, change our diet a little and pay attention to sufficient relaxation. The body thanks you for this in many ways.

But not because we have to change in order to comply – but because you want it yourself. Because it makes you feel better, healthier, slimmer and happier.

You’ve tried a lot, but… somehow your old habits crept back in? No wonder.

Because after starvation, renunciation, crash diets… your body literally screams for food in abundance. And the constant up and down goes auf´s mind and your body suffers from it. So that’s not working.

Why starvation and crash diets do not work?

Because it’s about keeping your metabolism active. Because if you don’t eat enough, your body switches to the economy mode and as soon as you eat again as usual, it immediately stores it as a reserve and the fat deposits fill up again.

For the body, starvation means – lack – which has a physical, psychological and performance-related effect. That is why a simple and sustainable solution is needed for a slim, vital and above all healthy body.

Detoxification and relief of the body promotes healthy weight

body mind and business

Our body has an independently functioning detoxification system, but when the body gets out of balance, it can no longer transport away the metabolic end products that accumulate more and more.

These metabolic end products are then stored in fatty tissue, connective tissue, muscles, joints,… are temporarily stored. Apart from the effect that one increases thereby at weight, it often comes to increased tiredness, irritability, listlessness, headaches, sleep disturbances, skin irritations.

Vegetable food is one of the best ways to relieve the body and support detoxification.

It helps to cleanse our intestines in a natural way and to get rid of the “manure”. We not only feel lighter and slimmer, we also notice that the whole body functions more harmoniously. It’s like an oil change for our body. Everything runs smoother.

Dietary fibres are particularly helpful

Dietary fibres are an active and diverse group. Dietary fibres can bind and swell water. As a result, people generally eat less. But that’s not all. Dietary fibres look like tiny sponges under the microscope. When they buzz through our digestive system, they do what you do with a sponge: clean.

  • They bind toxic metabolic products that enter the intestines with food and promote their excretion.
  • They stabilize the blood sugar level (important for fat burning)
  • Keep you full for a long time and thus support weight regulation
  • Stimulates intestinal activity
  • Regulate blood lipid levels
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora

Green Smoothies or JP Complete Shakes provide a large amount of fiber, taste delicious and help to stabilize the weight!

Micronutrients also play an important role in this context.

When it comes to health, performance, stress reduction and weight regulation, we cannot avoid talking about micronutrients (vitamins, secondary plant substances, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, dietary fibres).

The “stars” among the micronutrients are the secondary plant substances. Today we know that they regulate blood sugar (fat burning), have anti-inflammatory effects (important in overweight), support the liver in detoxification and bring the necessary momentum into the intestines. With our normal mixed diet we take in about 1.5g – 2g of secondary plant substances daily.

But in an environment in which our defense and repair systems are protected by

  • radiation
  • cigarette smoke, -car emissions
  • Stress and not enough sleep
  • too little movement
  • unbalanced, high-fat food and
  • thousands of new chemicals, toxins…..

to the limit of their capacity, we eat far too little of these important helpers – and would need them so urgently!

Is it any wonder that we humans get into a “stutter”, gain weight, feel tired, exhausted and exhausted?

Enjoy a few portions of vegetables, berries and fruit every day. This increases your micronutrient supply and helps to keep the weight in check 🙂

Not to forget the topic WATER

Our body consists of 75 percent water and we lose about 1.5 liters a day. Ensuring that at least as much water is replenished has a major impact on the fluid balance of our body cells.

How do we know that the body is crying for water?

There are different signs of this:

migraine, heartburn, back pain, joint pain, nausea, burping, indigestion such as constipation, bad breath, dizziness, decreased concentration, dry skin

In the absence of water, the degradation products and acids resulting from tissue metabolism cannot be excreted. The signs of the body should make us aware that it needs more water!

How much water and when to drink?

Of course, this depends on how active and/or strenuous your lifestyle is. Basically one assumes 1.5 – 2 litres of water per day.

Here are just two advantages of sufficient water consumption:

  1. improves digestion and excretion
    For all phases of digestion, the body needs sufficient fluid in the digestive tract. Lack of water can cause constipation.
  2. detoxification and purification
    Cleansing of kidneys, intestines, lymph and connective tissue

A sufficient supply of water has an impact on our well-being, our energy levels, our charisma, weight control, concentration and performance.

New Body Feeling

The key lies in the combination of nutrition and exercise

Exercise alone does not lead to the goal, because a large part of the change is related to nutrition.

But eating less does not mean that you reduce fat and build muscle. Eating less makes your metabolism switch to a low flame. This has the disadvantage that you do not lose weight in the areas that are important to you and as soon as you eat a little more, your body uses this opportunity to fill its memory. This is the so-called JoJo effect.

Moreover, it is at least so important that your skin, your tissues, your muscles…… can keep up with the speed of weight loss?

To bring less on the scale is a part to your feel-good body. Another is your body tension, your tighter tissue, your strengthened self-confidence, your charisma.

That’s why it makes sense to incorporate the topic of movement. Because the more muscles you build up, the higher your basal metabolic rate. And that’s great because it gives you more room to eat and even allows you to consume more calories at rest.

And another advantage of exercise is that you can get your body in shape. That’s what bothers many of us most. The weak tissue, the too lush belly, the flaccid upper arms, hips, thighs,…

All these small building blocks help and support you to reach your goal. Not only will you lose weight, but you will feel better than ever before.

juiceplus complete

And this is exactly where the JP+ Complete program can help.

But it’s much more than a weight loss program. It’s lifestyle. It’s pleasure. It is the starting signal for a great attitude to life.

Depending on what you have in mind, there is a solution for you.
The JP+ Complete Program is for you if:

  • you want to see and feel the first results within the next 30 days
  • you are looking for a way to feel more attractive and better
  • you want to create a new look through your strengthened body awareness
  • the look in the mirror, which should silence inner critics.

If one or more points apply to you, then I can only recommend you: Take the chance and take the first step into an easier, more cheerful life.

With the JP+ Complete Program to a new body feeling.

Personally I have been using JP+ Complete for over 10 years. I drink the shake every day for breakfast and when I am out and about I use it for lunch. Yes, I’m an addict! 🙂

It helped me get in shape, lose 6 kg and I have kept my ideal weight since! (Yiipppiiee) It also motivated me to reintegrate more exercise into my daily life so that I became more efficient, more stress resistant and more relaxed.

The positive personal experiences made me think and I just wanted more people to know about it. That’s why I recommended it to our patients. The feedback was similarly positive. From better sleep, more efficiency in everyday life, weight reduction and improved digestion, to faster regeneration in sports.

“This gave rise to the idea of introducing this concept to as many people as possible, so that they too can use it and benefit from it.

Why JP+ Complete?

Experts agree on one thing. High quality meal substitutes have a big advantage, because you put less strain on your body due to the given portion size. This makes him less of an effort.

You feel better, sleep better, are more concentrated, have more energy and promote fat reduction exactly where it is important to you!

By the way, this is one of the most frequently mentioned feedback we receive from our customers. This is because the JP+ Complete program keeps blood sugar levels low.


What does this have to do with fat reduction and weight loss?

Only if you give your body a break from eating for 4-6 hours, fat burning or fat reduction and thus an effective weight loss is possible. Why? Because exactly at this stage, when blood sugar levels are low, fat is burned. So exactly when the first signs appear after 3 hours and you start to think about eating, the time of fat and weight reduction starts.

From now on you know: Every time the “little hunger” comes along – that you can be happy, because now it goes to “the unloved hip bacon”. However, if you are so hungry in between times that you need something to eat, then do it. Enjoy an apple, a pear, banana….. or a piece of vegetables of your choice. Add a large glass of water and the low is already overcome.

Or you can use the JP+ Booster for the first 30 days, a highlight when it comes to reducing hunger. 

jp+ booster

The right ratio

Because JP+ Complete provides the nutrients of a balanced meal. And this in the right ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fibres and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances

Fat combustion

The protein in JP+ Complete is from vegetable sources, has a high biological value and a low glycemic index. What plays an important role in fat burning

Highest quality

JP+ Complete, like our other JP+ products that have been around for over 25 years, is made from high quality raw materials.

The shakes are available in the flavours vanilla and chocolate

“The JP+ Complete Shakes provide you with vegetable protein from soy, rice and chickpeas, necessary fats and carbohydrates – all in perfect balance. In addition, there are the valuable ingredients from fruit and vegetables to meet the micronutrient requirements. “You’re also replacing a complete meal – with just 220 calories.”

This is important for a balanced blood sugar level

“The preparation of the delicious shakes is uncomplicated and super fast: Simply mix one measuring spoon (35 g) JP+ Complete with 250 ml skim milk. Add fruit or crushed ice according to taste – and your shake is ready!”.

By the way: Our shakes are vegetarian and free of gluten, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. When prepared with vegetable milk, they are even vegan. They also have a low glycemic index (GI).

New Body Feeling

Healthy lifestyle – What exactly does that mean?

“A healthy lifestyle includes nutrition, exercise and relaxation – according to your personal needs.”

a varied, plant-based diet to provide the body with the important nutrients in a balanced ratio.

MOVE- The combined benefits

Our body is made for movement! He rewards you for that with:

More satisfaction and a better atmosphere. Less stress. Achieve your personal feel-good weight. More energy and attractiveness. More power. Better blood circulation. Strengthens the immune system. Strengthening of bones, muscles, heart and lungs. Better sleep.

Finding the balance between activity and relaxation for yourself is the key to personal stress management. Sleep, meditation, yoga, sauna, massages, walks can help you to relax. Relaxation is a prerequisite for performance and inner strength.

Are you ready? A few things that can help you…..

  1. drink water
    Don’t wait till you’re thirsty. Getting used to drinking 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day makes a huge difference. It affects your eating habits, your skin, digestion, performance, concentration,…
  2. green smoothies
    With it you supply your body in a simple and delicious way with a variety of fruits and “greens”, as well as high-quality fats in the form of nuts or vegetable oil. And it provides you with the best quality vegetable protein.
  3. colours in the meal. Bring color into your food the variety of fruits and vegetables brings not only color, but also different composition of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. That way you’ll be well taken care of.
  4. simply enjoy: enjoy your meals consciously and try not to be distracted by the TV, your smartphone or computer. The advantage of devoting all your time to your food is that you are full much earlier and eat so much less
  5. reduce: reduce step by step refined sugar in the form of biscuits, cakes, sweets,… Alcohol, sweet drinks, energy drinks, excessive coffee consumption, finished products.

JP+ Complete to reduce weight.

If you want to lose a few kilos to feel more comfortable in your body, your daily calorie intake needs to be reduced for some time. You can replace 2 meals a day with JP+ Complete Shakes, bars or soup. And you can choose which of the main meals you want to replace.

I would be happy to support you in achieving your desired weight! You can always contact me at per Email  – alternatively via the contact form here

JP+ Complete to support your healthy lifestyle.

  • If you have reached your desired weight and want to maintain it, then the focus is on maintaining your new habits. For this reason, only one meal a day is replaced with the shakes, bars or soup at this stage.
  • To keep your weight stable and to avoid the so-called yo-yo effect, the following has proven itself very well. Replace the evening meal with JP+ Complete 1-2 times a week. This helps the body to regenerate better and reduce fat.
  • Many people have already achieved their goal with JP+ Complete. And many would like to test JP+ Complete for themselves, but sometimes hesitate because of the fair price for 90 portions.
  • But if you use JP+ Complete as a meal replacement, you don’t have any additional expenses, you replace your previous meals. Thus it costs you no extra!
  • For a meal (JPComplete & milk substitute) this is as much as a cup of coffee per day and you give your body a healthy, delicious and balanced meal that does not strain you and keeps you full for 3-4 hours.

Complete combi box

So, you have decided to try JP+ Premium and/or JP+ Complete for yourself?

What’s the next step?

Here are the contact and ordering options:

Do you just want to try the products out for yourself? If so, you can easily order your products via the shop. And of course you can always contact me via email or Facebook if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to it. Because your success and your satisfaction are important to me.

To the order page

Or would you like to discuss what is important for you and which product composition would be the most meaningful for your goal?

I am happy to pass on to you the experience I have gained over the last few years with our satisfied JP+ Complete customers. In addition, you will receive a step-by-step plan so that your success is already pre-programmed.

I would also like to invite you to be part of our “virtual” group (closed Facebook group) to exchange ideas and motivation with others. Become part of our community and feel better than ever before if you want to.

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

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Improve Your Life - Inspire Others!