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personal franchise

It’s all about the personal franchise. A fantastic way to reconcile your private and professional life.

Imagine yourself:

You are self-employed in the health and wellness  industry and build up your business in such a way that sooner or later it “works” full-time and ultimately even independently of your personal commitment.

“Works” means: Your business generates a considerable income – first as an additional income, later perhaps as the main income.

You do this by recommending products, building up a small customer base and creating your own personal network of franchise partners. In this way you increase both your time and your energy.

Because everything works easier with a team.

Your network consists of two groups:

  1. from people who are “fans” of your products and who form your customer base.
  2. from people who inspire you as your franchise partner to do exactly the same as you do: namely to build up a small, manageable customer base and to use this form of self-employment as an additional or even sole source of income.

Because by continually reproducing your own concept in this way, you create your own, never-ending additional income or – as Robert Kiyosaki calls it – a considerable asset!

What do I mean?

► With a small customer base and a network of franchise partners, you can earn an attractive additional income with your personal franchise.

The 4 Sources of Income / Cash Flow Quadrant

The thing with the cash flow quadrant

In his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki presents people’s gainful employment in four so-called cash flow quadrants:

  1. Employees (Employee = E)
  2. Self-employed (S)
  3. Entrepreneurs (Business Owner = B) and
  4. Investors (Investors = I).

Belonging to one of these cash flow quadrants is not necessarily linked to a certain income: You can earn a lot of money in any field. That is why Kiyosaki is not interested in how much, but how, that is, from which source of income you earn your money and what stability this income has.

The importance of the 4 sources of income:

  1. For example, an employee (E) earns his money by working for his employer.
  2. A self-employed person (S), working entirely on his own responsibility.
  3. An entrepreneur (B), who owns several companies and has hundreds of employees, earns his money without being involved in daily business.
  4. And an investor (I), in turn, lets the money work for him.

The personal franchise therefore clearly belongs in the third and fourth cash flow quadrants.

While you as an employee (E) and self-employed person (S) have to work a lot for your money every day, you earn your income as an entrepreneur (B) and investor (I) after a corresponding development phase without having to work constantly.

Such an income is therefore also called passive income, recurrent income, residual income or simply: live off the interest.

Passive income as an active source of income

“Passive” because this income flows even if you are not always directly on site, but e.g. on holiday. Because it comes from a recommendation that was made a long time ago. And thus from customers who still use your product enthusiastically even after years.

Your passive income from the Personal Franchise is therefore a great thing.

Whether man or woman, senior or teenager, whether well or less well-off, whether employed or self-employed, whether in the city or in the country: the personal franchise proves to be an active, stable and therefore reliable source of income in all cases!

What do I mean?

► Your Passive Income from the Personal Franchise is an active, stable and therefore long-term reliable source of income.

personal franchise

Tasks as Franchise Partner

What do you have to do?

To anticipate one thing: Unfortunately, you also get nothing for free with a personal franchise. We all achieve the desired passive additional income or permanent income only if we…

systematically establish and maintain the necessary network, i.e. relationships

  • to give our franchise partners all the information they need to build up their own small customer base – just like us – and thus develop their own source of income through the personal franchise;
  • Our franchise partners repeatedly demonstrate through personal experience and suitable workshops and online seminars that the personal franchise is always about independent, self-reliant work.
  • As my husband and I get in touch with people for whom health, economic stability and thus an attractive additional income are a huge issues.

What do I mean?

► With a personal franchise, each franchise partner passes on all information to his own partners through face to face, workshops and online seminars/webinars, zoom calls, conventions  and more..

Advantages / Benefits

What are the benefits of the Personal Franchise?

The personal franchise is a fantastic way to reconcile private and professional life. Because often just a few hours a day are enough to achieve the desired goal.

You will always experience yourself as an ambassador of an idea that opens up new opportunities for people in a personal and/or economic situation and thus gives them new hope. Whether and how a prospective customer uses the franchise advantages is not your responsibility. He can and must decide that for himself.

No start up costs!

Above all: The personal franchise does not cost you any start-up costs. Because the franchisor only charges you an annual fee of for its franchise license.

For a small amount, the company we work together with, has more than 40 years of market experience, an excellent track record and the first TÜV-certified direct sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – takes care of everything that is important for your success:

the delivery of products, invoicing with your customers, marketing and communication, the preparation of information tools such as flyers, CDs, DVDs, and administration, research and development.

Numerous franchise advantages!

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages:

Well-being and health

My husband and I know it from our own experience: high professional requirements, but also economic pressure, low esteem, etc. are increasingly upsetting the life work balance of more and more people. This has both physical and psychological consequences.

As far as the physical consequences are concerned, the experts agree on one thing: natural food – especially omega fatty acids, fruit, vegetables and berries – has an enormously positive influence on our well-being. Our products are a logical, simple and effective alternative for all those who, for various reasons, are unable to adequately supply themselves with it.

But that’s not all:

► Our products are the simple and effective alternative to fresh fruit, vegetables and berries.

Personal development

The personal franchise not only creates well-being and health, it also makes a decisive contribution to promoting and developing the respective personal strengths, abilities and talents of us and our team partners.

Because whether we are talking, experiencing success, praise or thanks: all this brings security, self-confidence and stability into our lives.

In addition, we meet the 6 basic human needs:

personal security, variety and entertainment, meaning and appreciation, love and community, personal growth and development as well as our contribution to the well-being of others.

The more our work meets these needs, the more fulfilled is our everyday life. And the more fulfilling our everyday life, the better our well-being and the more stable our health.

What do I mean?

The personal franchise strengthens well-being and health and promotes personal strengths, abilities and talents.

Financial Stability

An insecure job, too little financial leeway, too low a pension fund: there are many reasons why people look anxiously into the future and are therefore looking for a way to earn more money or in some other way.

On the other hand, many people are afraid of setting up their own business and making the supposedly high investments involved.

Here the personal Franchise offers the singular chance to start from the security of the existing job part-time into the independence and develop it step by step according to own discretion.

And not alone, but with the active help of people with many years of experience in this field.

What do I mean?

► The personal franchise leads you from your current activity step by step into financial independence.


More and more people have less and less time. They rush from one appointment to the next and hardly waste a thought on what is really important to them.

In time, it is like a river:

The direction it flows depends solely on which side of the bridge you are standing on. On the one hand, it flows away from you irretrievably, on the other hand, it meets you all the time and just waits for you to use its water sensibly.

With the Personal Franchise you switch from one side of the bridge to the other:

Everything you face promotes your personal strengths, abilities and talents, improves the quality of your work and helps you to plan your time with foresight instead of constantly running after it helplessly and helplessly.

All this certainly not overnight. But the longer you’re in this great business the more your efforts and commitment turn into more income and thus automatically into more valuable time.

Please let us know here how we can help you.

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martina meirhofer


martina meirhofer

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Improve Your Life - Inspire Others!