Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance: Top 7 Keys

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Top 7 Key Methods To Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

Are you exactly where you want to be in life, being in a more advantageous position than you ever dreamed of, so rewarded and grateful to have created an abundance of money?

Or are you like the vast majority of people just haven’t yet managed to figure out what abundance is yet?  As soon as things improve you’ll get to do what you really wanted to do??

What exactly does wealth and prosperity mean to you?

When we hear the expression – “wealth or prosperity “- we very often think of money. But there are other aspects to welath and prosperity.

  • Time
  • Success
  • Relationships & Friendships
  • Health
  • Personal growth
  • Lifestyle

Do you take enough time for yourself and the things you like to do?

Or do you often feel rushed, restless and under pressure?

Are you where you want to be professionally?

Or do you always think you can’t be successful?

These thoughts are then like a self-fulfilling prediction that becomes reality.

Or do thoughts creep in that you’re not smart and experienced enough to start your own business?

Then an insecure feeling will spread within you and prevent you from implementing it.

What about your health?

  • Do you rest or can’t you because you’re so busy?
  • Do you move regularly or are you postponing it until later because everything else is more important?
  • Do you pamper your body with enough water and plant substances or do you not need it because you are also completely satisfied?

Of course, prosperity also has to do with money.

Money is the medium of exchange of our time. It’s very reassuring to have money. Considering what you can do with it, it’s a pleasure to make a lot of money – isn’t it?

The question is:

Are you ready to accept prosperity at all levels?

Believe that when you say:

  • I deserve to increase my income
  • I believe in maintaining a loving and harmonious relationship
  • I decide to get physically fit and feel good
  • I take the liberty of going on holiday twice a year…….

How much wealth and prosperity do you allow yourself?

If you take on the above-mentioned findings, what thoughts do you have?

  • Depending on what the answer is, it is your current prosperity.
  • At the moment! Because you can change the direction of your thoughts at any time.
  • If you want more prosperity in a particular area, start by realizing exactly what you want.

To stick to the example of money, ask yourself:

How much extra money would I like to earn each month?

Write it down.

I would like to earn € /$_______________ per month.

Why is this important to you?

  • What if you couldn’t reach it?
  • What does this mean for you?

Listen carefully to the answers. You learn a lot about yourself and your subconscious programming to prosperity. If your dominant thoughts around finances tend more towards fear and scarcity rather than joy and plenty …then carry on reading!

I like to share with you my SEVEN key methods and mental exercises we’ve made part of our life that we believe are at the essence of allowing wealth and prosperity to flow to us.

I hope these highly effective methods can help you to break free of any financial fear, and you allow yourself to create valid abundance whatever that signifies for you.


Commitment Creates Change.

→ DO NOT WAIT FOR “THE NEXT DAY” to do what you love. Figure it out what it is and do it NOW.

→ DON’T THINK ABOUT A PINK ELEPHANT…it’s the same with money. Why on earth is cash not flowing to me. Why are others rich and not me. I have to make money. Ect. ect…

STOP. STOP. STOP. Because if you want to have success and be finanically free – STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS. INSTEAD – try to make a difference in peoples lives and abundance will follow you.

→ TRAIN YOUR BRAIN DAILY TOWARDS POSITIVE OUTCOME rather than focus on fear and lack of success or wealth.. Allow yourself 10-20 min daily to either tap or doing your affirmations like in John Kehoe’s program. Your mindset is far more influential than you know.

→ RESIST RAISING UP ON SCARCITY FROM THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Practise a positive money mindset and believe in making a difference. Remind yourself continually that wealth is possible for anybody, including yourself and that you can allow as much as you desire. Surround yourself with successful people, get your abundance mindset focused and ignore talk about lack of wealth.

→ MONEY LOVES HIGH SPIRITS AND JOY. Be aware of your focus. IS MAKING MONEY A PLEASURE OR DOES IT SCARE YOU? Money also needs a center of attraction. So create an account for whatever you want and save. You’ll be surprised.

→ HELP PEOPLE. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OTHERS LIVES. Request payment in return. Do good for your lifechanger tribe, and simply carry out your daily process.

→ NEGLECT MONEY OWED TO OTHERS. SIMPLY IGNORE YOUR DEBTS. SIMPLY IGNORE THE LACK OF WEALTH if you like to break free financially. That does not mean paying your checks or your money owed. Don’t gett obsessed over lack of finance or fear.

Walk away from uncertainty, insecurity and self-destruction.

Your fault – Your Choice – You’re Not alone!

It’s never about the money. You too can get wealth and prosperity. You really can achieve success.

I choose wealth creation daily and having a great time feeling independent and free just thinking about finances. It really feels so incredible. That was not always the case, tha’s why I am so thankful for tapping into what is called the secret of financial success.

Once I found out, that the key to financial freedom lies in our inner attitude. It decides whether we attract money magnetically or not. Take the key to financial freedom into our own hands. We practise, among John Kehoe’s method also EFT and Temporal Tapping techniques to anchor suitable success patterns to direct the flow of money.

Tap yourself into success and financial freedom

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

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