7 Attitudes To Prosper In Life!

What comes to your mind when you think of wealth, prosperity, and abundance?

Surely it’s a lot more than just having a big smile on your face and trying to think positive thoughts. Because an attitude that attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond a smiling face.

Most of the time when we hear those words we think of money or income.
But wealth, prosperity, and abundance are not only measured in money.

There are more aspects of it, like:

  • Time
  • Success
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Personal Growth
  • Lifestyle

I show you my seven common attitudes which can lead to a way of life that makes it natural to prosper financially and in every other aspect of life.

Follow these 7 tips to develop attitudes that allow you to prosper in life.


  • Believe in yourself is the foundation – changing your negative thoughts about wealth and prosperity will change your life.
  • Develop understanding—surround yourself with positive, successful people, and never stop learning.
  • Set meaningful goals—choose goals that make YOU stretch and challenge you to grow into them.
  • Make your work count—approach your work with purpose, commitment, focus, and fun.
  • Be true to yourself—walk the talk and enjoy the journey
  • Be generous— make it a habit to “make someone´s day” so they feel good about coming into contact with you.
  • Be grateful in everything—feeling grateful, no matter what’s going on, keeps your thoughts in the right direction.

Always remember, your wealth, prosperity, and abundance are contained in your thoughts.

Everything starts with your Thoughts – lead to Feelings – lead to Actions – lead to Results

So start consciously thinking good thoughts, and never permitting your outer world to control your thinking, because your thoughts are controlling your attitude.


martina meirhofer



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