Your Body Holds Your Destiny

body holds your destiny

The body senses the world energetically.

It is indeed an achievement in the understanding of where we belong in the world to discover that our body has access to information beyond the level that our mind can comprehend.

Hence, the mind thinks and the body feels; these are two distinct methods of getting information. The moment we accept only mind and logic, we shut ourselves out from a huge source of information.

We are set to become like half or incomplete beings. It’s like too much thinking but not enough feeling.

We can discover our real destiny by following and trusting our feelings and instinct. Backed by scientist experiments; it has been revealed that our feelings and instinct will show us this insight and not our minds. An experiment carried out by a neuroscientist named Antonio Damasio who invented a test that calculates our ability to process information. His findings revealed that the body could transfer information much quicker than the mind.

To put aptly, our gut feelings and instinct are not to be ignored. The body has a big influence on our rational thinking without our own knowledge of it.

Is this a good thing? Of course!

As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings with a subconscious mind, a conscious mind, a soul and a BODY and this body will have the ability to guide us through life if only we connect with it.

Trust in your gut feelings and you will be led to new and extraordinary paths in life.Our body is our navigator to our destinyOur mind to an extent can attempt to “figure out” our destiny but ultimately only our body can reveal it.

However, we discover our destiny b trusting our deep feelings and allowing them to lead us to do what “feels right.” We should stop and ask ourselves before every major step in our life; “Does it feel right?” and if it doesn’t question ourselves as to the reason why we are making that choice.

Knowing what to do with our mind is referred to as Body wisdom – it is intuitive, linking us to our deepest self that surpasses logic.


Daily practice.

I am of the opinion that it is solely up us to develop the virtue of joy and happiness, and in fact practice that virtue in our everyday life

Not only does this practice have a positive influence on us, it also leaves a remarkable level of positivity to those we also come in contact with. Asides that, the practice of happiness helps to alter the vibration of our global consciousness. If you can, find something that will bring joy and happiness to you at this very moment.

Can you at this very moment cease what you are doing and be happy?
Can you do that?

What we see as very ordinary things here in the western world is a very big luxury. Even rice which we regard as very ordinary here is something that some get to eat only very few times in a couple of months. So many of my trips that served as a reality check to realize how fortunate we are here.

Most of the people in the underdeveloped nation (which is, most of the world) can only imagine the life that we live. How they would in a flash trade their problems with ours. And here is the whole point of the matter here, what I refer to as “Western Disease.”

Most of us have drowned in our constant and petty desires for things that we have failed to realize and appreciate the simple everyday joy and pleasure that life has accorded us with. We are always on the search for more, our appetite is insatiable. We suffer in our blindness and neurosis when the reality is that we have an abundant and joyous life, we just fail to recognize and realize it.

The practice of joy and happiness is a virtue because it forces us to appreciate and realize what we have without the thirst and hunger for even more.

This appreciation accompanies awareness, and with awareness comes even more happiness. I would like to share a little tip with you, shelve aside the thoughts of a happy life or even a happy month or week. Instead, practice joyful and happy moments. To attempt to have a happy life is a step to great.

Moreover, nobody has a totally perfect and happy life. Every life has its own share of struggle, difficulty, sickness, pain, confusion, and uncertainty.

Not one life is without these and still, yet every life also entails friendships, happiness pleasure, joy, success, beauty, adventure, creativity, choices, love, free will and so on.

Learn to notice and to be thankful for the uncountable moments of joy and happiness that you experience each day. Uncountable? Exactly, when we make it a habit to practice searching for happy and joyful moments, you will be amazed as to how much we can potentially experience in our everyday lives. Of course, this means that we have to abandon and give up our pettiness and mentality that life is being unfair to us.

Make every moment a perfect moment. It doesn’t get any more perfect than this.”

Just allow the whole happiness to consume you. Get this highly pleasurably feeling. It also makes me realize that this is exactly how our life unfolds – in countless moments such as this moment. If you cannot perceive and value these NOW-moments, do you even stand any chance of being happy?

Enjoy whatever you do,

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martina meirhofer

martina meirhofer

Author: Martina Meirhofer

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