Saying hello and introducing myself!

As a woman with a big desire for helping my family to get and stay healthy – my journey began in 1981. Seeing nearly all family members struggling with their health in a serious way was one reason to step into the professional health care system.

And when it comes to health, you can´t get around nutrition. But nutrition is a sensitive, complex, and emotional topic. Also if you ask 10 people, you get 12 different answers, right?

That´s why I was searching for a simple and convenient solution that bridges the nutritional gap and found one that supports the whole body on a cellular level.

Getting Results

martina-and bianca-success
  • Incredible Feedback. So the first thing I was trying the products myself and making my own experiences. Because that´s what matters: getting results!

  • After taking our products on a regular basis for a few weeks I recognized that I had way more energy, my mood was great, I could cope with stress more easily. And after a period of 4 months, my gastrointestinal problems were fading away and this had a positive effect on my skin. You can imagine that these results made me confident to share the product with my clients.

  • And the feedback from my clients was extraordinary. From better sleep, more energy, fewer headaches & migraines, skin improvement, less back pain, improved digestion, better moods, and emotional well being…!

The Most Fullfilling Part

martina meirhofer-and-friends
  • THE CHANCE TO MENTOR AND SUPPORT PEOPLE. When you see these kinds of results, it makes sense to share it with as many people as possible to make a difference in their lives.

  • To have an impact that can not only change the way they feel but also give them an opportunity to be part of something bigger, because together we can help way more people to enjoy a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. I truly can say that I am so happy and grateful that I took the chance to start this business part-time and developed it into a full-time profession over time – that allows me and my husband to enjoy a life we were dreaming of.

  • But what fires me up the most is, that I have the chance to pay it forward, to support and mentor others to follow their dreams, desires and create a life they deserve.


Living your dream life is something that you can achieve if you are committed to succeed.